We take safety seriously.

Safety at Smith & Oby

safety at smith & oby

Our Current EMR is .58; safety is everyone’s responsibility. At Smith & Oby, safety isn’t just a word thrown into a slogan like “safety is our #1 priority.”

We take safety seriously and make the slogan an integral part of each task we complete. We strive for an injury and incident free workplace. We have taken measures to increase the safety of our employees including:

  • A full time safety manager with a bachelor’s degree in Safety Management
  • All supervisors/management have completed the OSHA 30-hr safety training course
  • 100% hard hat and safety glasses requirement in the field
  • A safety committee of peers for accountability and prevention
  • CPR/First aid trained supervisor per job site
  • Drug Free Work Place certification
  • Active member of the Greater Cleveland Safety Council
  • Site Specific Safety Plan per job
  • Active safety coordination incorporated into all project bids

If you have any questions regarding our safety program, feel free to contact Jake Dowell at Smith & Oby.