The tables below present the projects on which Smith & Oby is currently bidding. If you are interested in sub-contracting work for one of these projects, please contact us at 440-735-5333 or complete our information request form.

PNC Brecksville Buiding SeparationMark Bardwell7/5/20222:00 PM
Hathaway Brown Phase 2 - HVACCorey Kozak7/6/20223:00 PM
Tower City Boiler ReplacementsJohn Sidley7/7/20223:00 PM
KSU College of BusinessMark Bardwell7/12/2022noon
JCU Library BudgetCorey Kozak7/18/20222:00 PM
Capitol Complex Building No. 4Mike Laughlin/Jeff Hajek7/25/2022noon
MCCo Steam/Elec. Lines to CWRU SRVJeff Klie8/10/20222:00 PM
Project - Service/SPDEstimatorDateTimeComments
MCCo Garage 29 Steam Line ReplacementJeff Klie8/10/20223pm