Bid Board

 The table below presents the projects on which Smith & Oby is currently bidding. If you are interested in sub-contracting work for one of these projects, please contact us at 440-735-5333 or click here to complete our information request form.

Project - Construction Estimator(s) Date Time Comments
VAMC AC-17 and AC-18 Replacement Mike Johnson 6-4-20 noon  
KSU White Hall John Sidley/Mark B./Jeff Hajek 6-4-20 2:00 See Addendum No. 1
Shaker Heights Public Library Mike Johnson 6-9-20 noon  
NEORSD Westerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump-HVAC &Plbg. Jeff Hajek 6-10-20 noon  
Lubrizol 'C' Building Steam Condensate Tank Repl. Mark Bardwell 6-11-20 noon  
UH Avon Medical Center John Sidley/Jeff Hajek 6-18-20 2:00  
Project - Service/SPD Estimator Date Time Comments
Hattie Larlham Bather Expansions/Modifications Jeff Klie 6-3-20 9am  
VAMC Roof Replacement Jeff Klie 6-3-20 9am  
AJ Celbrezze 5th Flr tenant space fit out Jeff Klie 6-4-20 2pm Add. Forthcoming to answer RFIs and extend bid date
NEORSD Westerly Stm. Grease boiler replacements Jeff Klie 6-10-20 9am  
NASA Bldg. 334 AHU Replacement Jeff Klie 6-16-20 9am