Bid Board

 The table below presents the projects on which Smith & Oby is currently bidding. If you are interested in sub-contracting work for one of these projects, please contact us at 440-735-5333 or click here to complete our information request form.

Project Estimator(s) Date Time Comments
VA JOC #2 RRTP Bldg. (WV) Mark Bardwell 2-14-18 10:00AM  
DeNora Tech Jeff Hajek/Jeff Klie 2-16-18 12:00PM  
Seville/Medina ODOT Dist. 3 Maintenance Facility Jeff Hajek/Jeff Klie 2-20-18 2:00PM Addendum issued
Elyria WWTP UV disinfection Jeff Klie 2-21-18 3:00PM  
Fairview HS renovation (HVAC) Mike Johnson/Mark Bardwell 2-21-18 12:00PM  
Fairview HS renovation (PLBG) John Sidley 2-21-18 12:00PM  
Lubrizol-Brecksville pM Building Space Refresh Mark Bardwell 2-22-18 2:00PM  
JFK High School (HVAC) Jeff Klie/John Sidley 3-1-18 12:00PM  
JFK High School (PLBG) Jeff Hajek 3-1-18 12:00PM