Our shops are the greatest asset in our facility.  The shops primary function is fabrication.  We fabricate HVAC piping, plumbing systems, plumbing fixtures, medical gas piping, hangers, sheet metal accessories, pump skids, vessels and anything else that we can think of.  We also fabricate for other contractors when a large amount of fabrication is needed in a short amount of time.


Pipe Shop


  • 18,000 Square Foot Pipe Fabrication Shop
  • 15 - Ton Bridge Crane
  • Covered Loading Dock
  • Three Overhead Doors
  • Six Welding Stations
  • Grooving Station
  • Two Cutting Stations
  • Two Pipe Storage Racks
  • Plumbing Fabrication Area
  • Copper Fabrication Station
  • Material Storage Area


Sheet Metal Shop


  • 17,000 Square Foot Sheet Metal Shop
  • 10 - Ton Bridge Crane
  • Loading Dock
  • Coil Line
  • Lockformers
  • Brakes
  • TDF Machine
  • Welding Station
  • Duct Lining Station
  • Two Plasma Cutters and Miscellaneous Equipment